Superman Cum Spiderman – Selangor – Simplicity My

Sometime jobs can be difficult, but its not always impossible to fulfil , its not like we’re asking for an honest politician or an unicorn. We’re looking for a Clark Kent ( writer) Cum Peter Parker ( photographer ) Added bonus if you can see thru walls
Our expectation’s aren’t high. So we’re fine if you dont have the superpowers ( superpowers will be an added bonus and deeply considered, if you can shoot web , you’re hired ). Just like Peter Parker, we’re looking for someone who know’s his/her camera well. we also need a Clark Kent that knows a thing or two about some basic “ENGRISH & England ” writing who loves to wear his undies outwards.

Apart from trying to save the world @ the Avengers Lounge, we at SIMPLICITY.MY are trying to find homes for the everyday man & woman to live in. Here’s your job description

1. You wake up early, kiss your Louise Lane or Mary Jane Good morning
2. You can either fly, webswing or just take your batmobile to our beautiful office in Oval Damansara
3. We’re fine with your costumes as long as they’re not Hello Kitty.

ok , we’re kidding . ( but not on the Hello Kitty part ), so here’s it .

Meet property owners
Take photo’s of the property & some staging work ( training provided )
Post photos and a short 150 words writeup on the place .

You must posses the following superpowers

Professor X’s Mind control and Telepathy communication
Alternative : Own a smart phone with a data plan

2. Scarlett Witch abilty to visualize and send images to mass public
Alternative: Own an DSLR camera

3. A Batmobile ( transport )

4. A Cray supercomputer
Alternative: Any laptop will do …

Unlike superhero’s in Marvel , you actually get paid ! How cool is that ?

Its RM50/ task . and you may take as much task as you like per/day .

Time frame / task : 1.5 hours

You may take as much task as you like/day !

As its a parttime job , you may :
Have a fulltime day job
Just looking for extra income

Interested in joining the fun and dynamic company ? Lets rock it out !Send me an email with your resume

Job Info:
Salary: RM 1 per day
Job Type: Non-Executive
Contract Type: Freelance
Experience Level: < 1 year
Category: Marketing/PR/Designers | IT (Technology) | Property-Related
Job Location: Selangor (Damansara Kim)
Application Deadline: 02 Jun 2015
Email Address to Receive Resumes: