Associate Manager –

Job Purpose
To receive, review and execute data analysis deliverables that span across relevant markets and business segments and include extensive datasets from multiple bank systems.
To be responsible for the design and timely production of accurate and high-quality dashboards and MI to key stakeholders and various committees / forums.

The Role Responsibilities
End-to-end execution of data analysis assignments through
Planning and scoping of data analysis activities
Defining the best-fit analysis approach for a given query or issue
Data extraction, cleansing, validation and output generation using large data sets
Provision of support to stakeholders to assist them in understanding the analysis methodology, findings and implications.
Design, produce and analyse management information on periodic basis, through:
Identify the key metrics suitable for reporting on various subjects ranging from data management, data quality, progress of various data investigation and remediation activities etc.
Define appropriate data sourcing, frequency, methodology for calculation and presentation.
Analyse and interpret Metrics and highlight key trends and insights for management attention.
Automate MI generation and distribution
Proactive identification and reporting of data issues and risks
Provide inputs, as a result of observations made, for modifications required regarding data management, quality or reporting.
Maintenance of book of work and prioritisation for delivery
Continuously identify opportunities to implement automated solutions for analysis and reporting
Adherence to laws and regulations, internal risk and compliance policies ethics and the Group Code of Conduct
Completion of all mandatory risk and compliance training including e-learning within stated timeframes
Safeguard all data by ensuring strict adherence to information communication guidelines polices as well as data storage/archival procedures

Our Ideal Candidate
Qualifications and technical competencies
Demonstrated expertise of data analysis skills and experience working with large data sets

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